Ladies are very fond of fashion. They always want to carry things according to fashion and season whether they are dresses or other accessories. Fashion of all things and accessories vary from season to season whether they are dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc. So the fashion of handbags also varies from season to season. In winters clutches and sleek bas are in fashion because women don’t need to carry a lot of things. So they like to use clutches. Women like to carry bigger bags in summer season because they need more things as compare to winters. Various brands designed a wide range of hand bags.

Gucci is one of the most famous designers of ladies handbags and other accessories. Gucci is working since 1992 and at the start their business was limited in making handbags and that was their specialty. Later, they started to make other things like jewelry, shoes, and now they are designing some kind of dresses. Gucci always use pure leather and suede in making their bags and this made their standard high above all others.

They designed a wide range of bags from clutches to travel bags. Now ladies want to carry bags which match to their clothes. Here are some latest designs of Gucci bags just select one according to your choice.
This white bag is designed in a new shape which is called Dionysus hobo. This bag is designed in white leather with a cubic pattern. Here are three bags in same design and different colors. These also have bamboo convertible top and a big leather strap. Just choose one of them matching to your clothes.

This leather bag has a short chain and it is tagged by GG marmont. This is a perfect choice for working women. This purse in navy blue color is looking good. It is decorated with embroidery. This light grey color bag has a short chain. You can carry this in parties. This simple bag with short handle is perfect for travelling.

These two bags are best for formal parties. One has a bamboo handle and also a long strap and the other has a short chain. You can carry those according to your comfort.  Both are looking good.  This big bag with animal motif is different from others. You can carry this bag when you go out for shopping. This shoulder bag is made in Dionysus small sequins embroidery in python design. Gucci has designed some printed and colorful bags so you can carry these bags according to the color of your dress.

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