Different Designs Bags for Women:

Bag is one of the most popular important accessories because it helps ladies & girls to carry one or more day to day items from one place to another without any kind of hurdle. Now days, designers are providing very fashionable & different styles of bags to the fashion loving ladies. Bags also play a vital role in order to boost up the confidence level of a lady plus this fashion accessory play a fundamental role in order to complete the look of a lady.

You can find expensive bags as well as cheap bags the selection depends on the available money that you want to spend on the purchase of a bag. Always prefer quality, durability & timeless styles & designs o bags.

Today, on this page, you are going to view different styles & designs of bags. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to differentiate among different types of bags plus you can choose your favorite & suitable style of bag!

Tote Bag:

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Tote bags always designed with plenty of space inside the bag. They usually help ladies to carry lots of items from one place to another very easily. If you are planning to a beach party then you can keep your beach costume, beach footwear, beauty products, water bottles, slippers, towels & much more into a tote bag. These bags are usually made with fabricate stuff sometimes leather & other fabrics can also be used.

Hobo Bag:

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It is a hand/shoulder bag that is loose from the above part as you can see into the above picture. The loose style actually creates a crescent shape. You can use it casually when you want to go on shopping or you want to visit a farm house.

Lace Handbag:

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Lace handbag is looking very impressive. Actually it is made with leather but in the last it is layered with white lace. This design of bags also looks very delicate, trendy, & chic. So, you can think about this style!

Box Style Bag:

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This bag is designed by taking inspiration from the box that’s why I call it box style handbag. A shoulder strap also attached with it so that you can hang it on your shoulder whenever you like otherwise you can carry in into your hand!


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A clutch is actually a strapless purse that usually grasp into the hand but now days designers & brands are attaching a removable strap with the clutches so that women can convert these clutches into shoulder bag style by using these straps. Clutches usually have less space so you can only keep some necessary but small size items into these purses. These are mostly used on evening parties, formal events & wedding functions.

Cross Body Bag:

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The teenage girls usually like to buy a cross body style so that they can get a chic & ultra modish look into their society. You can pair your cross body bag with stylish tops, skirt dress, traditional suit as well as modern outfits.


7 satchels

Satchels bags are usually looks like office bags. So, it is better for you if you will us these bags during office hours or working hours instead of formally or at party occasion. These bags are usually made with opaque & heavy stuff such as from leather.


8 Baguette

This bag is also famous by the name of “it bag” because this little yet classy design bag gives you an It girl look. If you never like to carry heavy & large purses or bags then this little yet functional baguette bag is just an ideal choice for you.

New Styles Bags for Girls:

Before choosing a bag, you should also keep your body shapes into your mind because sometimes a bag never suits to your personality. For example small women should never choose oversized bags because this makes them to look smaller & fat like a ball. If they like oversize bag then they can go with boxy bag. The brown & black color bags are perfect for everyday usage.