Handbags have become an essential part of every ensemble because a hand bag carries our essentials like identity card, cell phone, credit card, money, tiny mirror, lipstick, tissue paper etc. a lady can never goes out without holding or taking a hand bag whether she is going to market for shopping, office to work, college for study, visit someone to the house and going to attend any kind of party or event.

She puts lots of things in her bag as money, identity card, cosmetics, mirror, hair brush etc. She always uses and takes a bag according to the situation or circumstances such as for parties she uses a small size hand bag or clutch and large bags are used for shopping, work, college.

Hand bags are the easiest way to incorporate the latest trend in your wardrobe, look put-together and show off your personality. A handbag truly compliments your outfit and handbags selection depends on your usage, embellished handbags are best for parties while simple handbags with bare minimum decoration go best for formal and casual wear also.

Many styles and the sizes are common in bags as tote, messenger, bucket, swagger, half moon, box, saddle, cross body bag, duffle bag, hobo, backpack, satchel bag etc, girls like to use them according to the event but here we are talking about every day use hand bags for girls.

Fashion is about elegance and poise and if you want to make your style statement in a formal party then hold an envelope style bag in your hand. This kind of clutch is suited for an evening out as it is rectangular and looks like a letter or envelope.

Usually envelope style clutch has not enough space to keep lot of things so never try to overstuff your flat purse, this is just meant to add extra bling to your ensemble and not for storage.

If you are a college girl then backpack is a great choice for you. You can put lot of your college essentials in it and can easily carry it at your back. Beige color leather backpack looking nice designed with extra handles so you can hold it your hands also.

Tote bag incorporates nicely with almost any outfit and a great choice for the office or for shopping because it has enough space to keep lot of things from the tint lipstick to folders, files etc

This straw beach bag is perfect for beach party designed with silk ribbon pink color oversize bow tie and an intricate design golden color brooch looking beautiful and unique so if you are going for a hangout with friends at beachside the inspire your friends by this bag.

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