A clutch is a hand accessory used by women in all over the world. These clutches give final look to their chic garments on any especial occasion. These clutches are hand fit especially used for bridals and usually for bachelor girls. Clutches are not huge in size instead if theses are small just hand fit. A clutch provides few space and store essential things like cash, credit card, visiting card, ID card, mobile phone, tissues and lip stick. Some women used clutches just as a trend. Now a day, markets are filled from luxury, classic and exquisite clutches. A variety of clutches with different style, size and colors are founded in market. Here we are going to talk about just bridal’ clutches. These clutches made with satin, silk, brocade, banarsi, velvet and metal. Bridal clutches accentuated with pearls, loops, beads, stones, buckles, tassels and other embellishment. Let’ look below awesome and stunning bridal’ clutch collection.

Indian bridal purse

1Indian bridal clutch

In this picture, you are seeing dazzling red color purse that made with velvet fabric in crossing style. This purse has silver steel skeleton and clasp. Front part of this bridal purse garnished with Swarovski crystals and stones in huge leaf style.

Red velvet clutch

2 Indian bride clutch (0)

This typical bridal clutch made with red velvet and garnished with white crystals and stones. This bridal clutch has an exclusive style and just hand fit size.

Diamond pink bridal clutch

3 Indian bride clutch (5)

This fabulous clutch made with fine plain satin fabric in pink color. This exclusive style clutch embellished with white material like pearls, stars, kora and crustily.

Grey bridal clutch

4 Indian bride clutch (17)

This bridal clutch made with silk satin fabric in grey color. This luxury and stunning bridal clutch whole decked with grey, silver and golden work. This clutch adorned with handmade kora, pearls and crystals work.

Here, a large variety of modern Indian bridal clutches is founded. You can see further Indian clutches in this gallery. Mostly red, pink and golden colors used for first day bridal. Luxury, studded and beaded Indian clutches for bridals designed with exclusive styles. Hope, you will like this authentic collection.