Mulberry Leather Handbags & Clutches New 2015-16 Designs:

Mulberry is actually a very successful & leading luxury fashion house that is working since 1971. It is established by a designer Roger Saul in 1971. It is an England based fashion house that’s headquartered is in Somerset, England. This fashion takes a start from a town but now it has become county’s best fashion house. The exquisite leather is used into the manufacturing of different luxury goods.

The Skilled craftsmanship & talented designers always bring something new & creative on the screen of fashion. Today, I am here with another Mulberry effortlessly & elegantly designed handbag, clutches & wallets collection. If you are searching new wallets for yourself then I suggest you to go with Mulberry fashion house. Take a look at some designs!

Mulberry Tote Bag for Women:

1 mulberry handbag and clutch for girls (16)

First of all check out this light peach color mulberry tote style handbag. It is manufactured by using light peach color leather stuff. The star pattern cut work is making it really very awesome & unique as compared from other branded handbags. It can be used in summer season for getting a very chic yet pretty look with a fedora hat & maxi dress.

Leather Clutch by Mulberry Fashion House:

2 mulberry handbag and clutch for girls (15)

Ladies especially the older age ladies can choose this very decent & nice design of clutch casually as well as formally. They can keep their mobile phone, credit cards, cash money etc in this clutch. It is not only trouble-free but also very durable because it is made with supreme quality leather stuff.

Purple Leather Bow Handbag by Mulberry:

3 mulberry handbag and clutch for girls (11)

This light pink color or purplish color handbag is also designed by the mulberry talented team of fashion designers. A big bow design on the front side is making it really very cute & pretty. Teenage girls can carry this bag casually & can get a very chic look!

White Wallet for Girls:

4 mulberry handbag and clutch for girls (5)

Searching for a white wallet? If yes then it is before your eyes. If you like this design then you can buy it from London mulberry fashion house. You can also buy it online by visiting Mulberry fashion house website.

Into the following gallery you can see some more designs. So, look down & check some more designs!