Well it is pretty sure you have embraced the warmer days as the summer is in the air, with getting the warm atmosphere we also take plunge to the things that matters in summer. first of all the dressing style gets changed with lighter fits whereas the accessories such as jewelry, hairstyling, bags, purses and shoes also make their style statement according to seasonal demands. Bags are need of ladies and now something more than the need. The way with which the adds spruce of coloring and styling to even in simple or daily dresses is surely from bags.
The true inspiration comes from different runway shows and surely the launching collections by designers. They settle the trends and we are followers who say yes to every new invention. So here I am going to display the trendy design handbags and also wallets that will fulfill your need and also the passion which every lady keeps for bags.
Bags keep a space for ladies to put everything in it what they want to always obsess for. Aside from the functional point of views of bags, consider their power of reinventing the personality with all focus. Yes, trendy and stylish bags instantly being focused by the people and this is appreciating accessory that is not only significant for ladies but now also for modern men. So let’s come to dive in the summer fashion world and get the latest design bags.

Dolce & Gabbana summer chic bag:

1. Summer Ladies Handbags & Wallets 2016

Canvas tote bag designed by the eminent Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana has the cooler effects that can splash in hotter summer days. You can get the outfit idea too matched with this Moroccan pallets printing art bag. Big size tote bag will create a space for fashion accessories to put in the bag and have when you are needed for.

Korean wallets design for this summer:

2. Summer Ladies Handbags & Wallets 2016

The beautifully printed and studded leather wallets are Korean design inspired which is for young girls to pick up with the fashion dresses. Make the style statement chic with these cool style fashion wallets with bright yellow and green designing.

Chevron is wonder for summer:

3. Summer Ladies Handbags & Wallets 2016

Chevron stripes are no doubt fun and art way to give meaningful effects in any apparel, and when it comes to bag then chevron printed bags capture instant attention to ladies. This Gul Ahmad beautiful handbag is fit to carry in summer events.

Straw art bags on runway summer shows:

4. Summer Ladies Handbags & Wallets 2016

Straw crafted handbags were scene in the run way shows where Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Philosophy have presented their bag designs in the lushest manners.  You can keep up the beach look getting these fashion straw bags beautifully.

Soothe the effects with Prada wallets:

5. Summer Ladies Handbags & Wallets 2016

Summer charm gets more wondrous by having the vibrant color shades in dresses and accessories so Prada has made it possible to bring the soothing color wallets for your summer closet. These are simple but with stunning effects that you may carry with jeans dressing.

Digital printed bag trend is worthy:

6. Summer Ladies Handbags & Wallets 2016

The most popular trend in handbags is the digital printed themes with different famous places of world. This bag has funky hues that highly fashionable girls can possess with them. Show off your trendy style and be a gorgeous lady.

Denim bag for summer:

7. Summer Ladies Handbags & Wallets 2016

The trendy denim stuff bags are becoming popular day by day, with simple denim bags you can match the jeans and denim button down shirt to be completely inspired of this funky stuff.

If you want to be more dazzled then see the pictures in gallery that has charming and latest design handbags and wallets.