Clutches are one of the most important components that help to increase the grace of the bridal. The bridal has to keep clutch hold in her hand so it is a prominent thing that can grasp the attention of everyone. It equally hold importance in attributing to the charm of the bride as the other things like jewelry, dressing, shoes, make-up and ornaments etc.

One cannot ignore the significance of clutches for it should be a classy thing. Clutches should be as nice-looking as the charm of the bride. Keep this thing in mind that you need to select such clutches which give complement to your dress and appearance.

Gold clutch for bridals;


Gold clutches in various designs look awesome when these are paired with embroiled dress. A bird style wedding clutch is a very trendy piece and looks very modish if you are wearing fish lehenga or mermaid. This small piece will look very pretty in your hand. On the other hand rose style golden clutches go perfect with A-line gown or simple lehenga. Your clutch will capture the attention of every one so you need to keep it in your hand with care and somewhat stylish way.

Clutches embellished with pearls and stones;

2-bridal-pearl-style-clutch-for-ladies1-bird-style-1wedding-clutch-for-bride 2-bridal-pearl-style-clutch-for-ladies

Clutches decorated with pearls give a tremendously appealing look. We find a mingling effect of classical and contemporary style both in this design. A clutch designed by large and small pearls gives an outstanding look. White colored pearls on clutches look perfect with white color dress and this could be possible in western countries where brides dressed them in white outfit. Even in east countries brides can hold such clutches with red, pink or red lehenga. Whatever the color of your suit is, but it should match the color of the clutch. If it looks totally different from your dress then all the elegance of your appearance can be spoiled.

Printed clutches for brides;

1-bird-style-1wedding-clutch-for-bride 2-bridal-pearl-style-clutch-for-ladies 3-printed-bridal-bag-ideas

Metallic design clutches are for spring season when a bride is wearing floral design dress. This simple but classy and modish piece will give equal complement to your dress as your other ornaments would be. This style of wearing floral embroiled dress with metallic floral clutch will give the bride a very fresh and sparkling look.

Rhinestone and glitter embellished clutches;


Glittered clutch will look very suitable if you are wearing red or maroon color lehenga for the bridals of Pakistan and for western brides it can do a lot of work if they paired it with their white color dress. On the other hand white stoned clutch look awesome with baby pink, beige, peach or sky blue color lehenga. Two trendy clutches are shown here in the picture. Both are looking exquisitely nice and pretty,

Clutches with different designs and shapes;

5-silver-lip-style-clutch-for-girls5-silver-lip-style-clutch-for-girls 6-bow-style-bridal-clutch-ideas Transparent clutches and the other silver lip style clutch are basically for western bridals. They can hold these clutches in their hands and they will look very trendy. These clutches are designed differently and they will look outstanding with slit and sheath gown. In east brides can hold these types of clutches on Walima when they wore such bright colors that go perfect with silver color clutch.

Skull and bow style clutch;


Usually no one would dare to keep a bow style clutch as it look ordinary and not embellished but some adventurous nature bride would like to adopt this different fashion. If your gown is decorated with sash or belt then this clutch will give complement to your dress. Motives embellished clutches can be a good option for you to hold if you are wearing fit and flare gown or long trail gown.