The love for handbags of women can’t be described in words as they both have close relation. This is the basic need of women around the globe and I am sure every lady will be grateful to have such kinda accessory that doesn’t let her alone anywhere. Handbag is an ultimate need of lady who uses it for formally or casually, putting the significant things in it you are obsessed with the facility.

That’s why the ladies do everything to purchase a fashion bag with functional qualities and sometime they get crazy for the expensive bags too. The history tells us about the most expensive range of bags and that were bought by bag lover fashionistas to prove that their love for bags cannot be ended.

The international brands have many times launched such bags that go beyond of price detailing and a common lady can just open her mouth with amazement. These expensive bags have the finest details with premium fabric and sometimes the rare diamonds engraved upon the bags that keep the rate higher than anyone expect.

We have rounded up 10 bags with their prices that are of eminent brands and with stunning designs, these bags were sold to the ladies who can afford in which mostly the famous showbiz celebrities and the richest ladies are on the top of list.

The most expensive bags well sustain the proud of these brand stick ladies who dare to empty the entire amount in their purse to have the rare one to their closet. Some people think of this a nerd habit but really it’s the love and craze of ladies for bags that they always attract towards the awesome bags, so let’s go and compile that list of highly expensive top 10 bags that will make you fall in love and also stun due to the high prices.

•    Mouaward luxurious diamond heart shape purse costs $3.8 million

1+ Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    Judith Leiber rose bag in purple with $92,000 price

2. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    Crocodile skin handbag by Hermes sold for $129,000

3. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    $550,00 Prada double Saffiano handbag for ladies

4. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    Channel “Diamond Forever” classic handbag worth $261 million

5. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    Black and red luxury Hermes handbag _$125,000

6. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    Dolce & Gabbana sequins embellished bag with price $5.995

7. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    Givenchy giving the best style nightingale bag in $12.050

8. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    Patch work amazing handbag by Louis Vuitton costs $42,000

9. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag

•    $38,000 highly expensive Marc Jacob Carolyn Crocodile handbag for women

10. Top 10 Expensive Women Handbag