A woman does not feel herself complete unless she holds a bag in her hand. In this age we can observe the craze in women to hold different kinds of bags according the occasion and event. Ladies like to hold bags suitable to their dress and environment. They like to hold luxurious bag on weddings while at the time of going for shopping they like to wear casual bag.

We must be conscious about bags as they are included in fashion arsenal of women. Different varieties of bags are available that make style statement and girls of every age love to hold them. Now unique hand bags have become trendy and girls are following this trend with full zest and zeal.

Bag in cat imagery;


It is not important that you must be a cat lover for holding a bag in the shape of a cat. But you need to be conscious about trends and fashion. A small chain cat like bag in the picture is shown and it is looking very cute. Gold chain bag in cat shape that is in black and white color combination is looking very cute and exhibiting the lively nature of its owner. Wearing short skirt and long socks, if you hold this bag then you will look very chic and classy.

Bag in leaf shape;


Bag in leaf shape is looking adorable. If you are a true nature lover then this bag is a gift for you. The shape of the bag is reminding the beautiful imagery of nature. The bag is able to hold on some semi-function. The color of the bag is green so the dresses of green color will look suitable. White and black color dresses will also look suitable for this purse.

Side shoulder bag;


This side shoulder bag is especially for college going girls. This bag is really very unique and it is a gift for those girls who desire to have all eyes on them. This must be taken on one side of the shoulder the way it is designed. This bag can be opted with uniform or you can wear this to have street look. Strap of the bag will hand at the lower side.

Bags with imprinted cartoon;


Some girls who are funky by nature, this bag is for them. This bag will show their playful nature. For street look, girls can opt for this bag when you need to put a number of things in bag. So this bag is useful and looks pretty at the same time. Around your arm hang this bag and make your own style statement with the unique look that the bag is presenting.

Bag in candy shape;


This bag in candy shape is looking very magnificent. Girls and women both can take this bag to exude confidence. Some girls really like to introduce their own trend, they should go ahead. All of the bags are different from one another. This bag in candy shape is looking fancy and can be worn on some special event.

Bags with animal imagery;


To the very much interest of young girls, bags with animal imagery will make the look sweet and it will show your lovely nature. If the chain is long then you can hang it around your shoulder and if the chain is short then you can hold this in your hand. Both will look sophisticated as it is shown in the pictures.