Are you searching for the Antique style of Necklaces? If yes then you are on the right place because in the following gallery you can discover very gorgeous, amazing & mouth-watering designs of antique style necklaces with earrings.

The photo gallery which is shown on this page only includes very classic, traditional & antique style of sets which all are designed very fabulously. Some necklaces are in round shape while some are in V/U Shapes. These kundan styles of jewelry piece are commonly found & prepared in Rajasthan and Gujarat (regions of India).

Precious gemstones are used in the ornamentation of these necklaces in white, red, green & in some other colors. While yellow gold is used for the purpose of making these items very elegant & reliable.

Topic: Antique Style of Jewelry Sets
For: Women
Designs: Elegant & Traditional

amazing Antique Necklace set 2014

Antique Necklace

Antique Necklace set

Antique Necklace set  design ideas

Antique Necklace set  with earrings