Necklaces are mostly worn by both genders I mean men & women. This jewelry can be made by using various kinds of metals such as gold, silver or some other. But here I am going to show some pictures of necklaces which all are made by using silver. The design of all these necklaces is “Feather Style”. Feather or leaf like shape is created by using silver metal in order to make this neck wear accessory very gorgeous & stunning.

Some necklaces are designed in such a way that these can be worn by both men & women (I am talking about the unisex designs of necklaces). If you have some silver jewelry then it’s the best time to mend it into the feather style necklaces because these simple yet elegant necklaces are in fashion now days.

You can also add some colorful pearls or your name’s first alphabet into these necklaces in order to enhance the beauty of this jewelry.  Have a look at the following assortment of necklaces. Hope you will appreciate my effort with your positive feedback.

Collection: Necklaces
Design: Feather (Leaf)
For: Boys & Girls
Manufactured With: Silver

Silver Feather Style Necklace Adorned with One Frowzy & One Silver Color Pearl

1 Silver Feather beautiful Necklace ideas 2014

Feather Necklace Embellished with two Little & Colorful Beads

2 Feather new Necklace silver 2014 collection

Simple Yet Elegant Unisex Silver Feather Necklace

3 2014 Silver Feather Necklace ideas