A piece of jewelry that usually is worn around the wrist is called a bracelet. It is manufactured by using various things such as thread, leather straps, metal or elastic bands etc. For the adornment of these bracelets different beads, alphabets, signs, symbols, precious stones & lots of other interesting items with center holes are used.

There are different types of bracelets such as charm bracelets, slap bracelets, beaded bracelets, link bracelets etc. Here you can see the pictures of love bracelets. The bracelets which are adorned by using l.o.v.e alphabets or heart shape are called love bracelets. Now according to modern concept some beautifully & delicately designed bracelets are also called love bracelets. Have a look at the following golden, silver, beaded, & other stylish bracelets!

Topic: Jewelry
Collection of: LOVE Bracelets
For: Boys & Girls

Golden & Silver Love Bracelet for Your Beloved

1  all gold love bracelet

Heart Shape Love Bracelet for Her

2 heart shape Love bracelet

Cartier Love Diamond-Gold Bracelet

3 infocus cartier love diamond bracelet

Double Beaded Strap Golden Color Love Bracelet

4 Love bracelet

Colorful Beaded Love Bracelet

5 colorful Love bracelet

Simple Gold Love Bracelet

6 beautiful gold Love bracelet

Various Styles of Love Bracelets

7 beaded Love bracelet