Jewelry is use in every where to embellish the girls. The belly dancers are use so heavy and drop style jewelry. These jewelry they also attached on there clothes and head. The belly dancers are fully covered with the jewelry. The perfect jewelry is inclusive your belly dance outfit. In belly dance jewelry we have the accessories like: chokers, necklace, earrings, arm band, sleeve bracelet, snake jewelry, cuff and the anklet. They prefer the jewelry the most than clothe. These jewelry accessories are complete with coin, shell or rhinestone. The head cover is uses in this most and the studs are use in it. Belly dance accessory jewelry are the made with lots of rigid work and ornamentation. When the belly dancer dances her jewelry is also boogie by line of attack of her. The golden coins are decor it. The chains are made the frills on the waist and on the head piece is awesome. The heavy necklaces are wearing with these waist bands and anklet and arm band are in addition outstanding on it. The coins are roughly attached with the chain to keep it shimmer and glistening. The coins are the use in the jewelry are furthermore attached in the stitch of there clothes to match with it.

Topic: belly dance accessory jewelry
Color: the golden
Material: coins, chains and beads
Design: waist band, armband and anklet
Perfect for: belly dance.

belly dance accessory jewelry

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