Wedding Jewelry Sets Designs:

Jewelry has great importance from wedding point of view. The bridal, bridesmaids & guests who attend wedding (females) looks incomplete without jewelry. Whether you wear earring or bracelet no matter but you must wear jewelry on the wedding function or getting a graceful & gorgeous look. Jewelry is also categorized differently for brides, bridesmaids etc. Similarly, you can find casual or formal jewelry, heavy or simple jewelry sets.

You can find gold, silver, platinum, brass & other metals jewelry items. For decoration mostly pearls, crystals, rhinestones, precious stones & lots of other ornaments are used. Today, I bring the bridesmaids jewelry sets ideas for you. These jewelry sets are designed with great care by the designers. If the wedding of your friend is near & you are going to become her bridesmaid then these sets will surely helps you to choose one for you. Have a look!

Pearl Jewelry Set:

`1 elegant bridesmaids jewellery  (12)

This set is created by using ivory pearls, fancy silver balls & crystal stones. Matching bracelet & earrings are also designed very flawlessly. If you are going to wear a white satin dress, ivory or silver gown, in each case this set is right for you!

Rose Golden Crystal Embellished Jewelry Set:

2 elegant bridesmaids jewellery  (1)

If you want to wear a colorful dress on your wedding then you need a jewelry set that sparkle well & reflects all colors gorgeously as shown into the above picture. It is a tear drop design of set that is simple yet looking timelessly elegant.

Red Ruby Jewelry Set:

3 elegant bridesmaids jewellery  (14)

The silver & red ruby jewelry set is looking very nice. The design of this jewelry set is heavy as compared from the previous design s but it is looking really very stunning & dramatic to the eyes. It will look nice when worn with red gown. So, if the wedding theme is red then bridesmaids can go with red dresses & can wear this red ruby jewelry set with their wedding dress.

Elegant Bridal Jewelry Set:

4 elegant bridesmaids jewellery  (17)

What’s your opinion about this very delicate design of jewelry set! Mostly celebrities on red carpet functions are spotted in this style of jewelry sets so now you can also get the celebrity look by wearing this set of jewelry. It can go best wit every style of dress. It also helps you to complete your formal look!

Diamond Jewelry Set:

5 elegant bridesmaids jewellery  (4)

I must say what an eye-capturing bridesmaids jewelry set! The matching ear studs are looking fabulous. Along with wedding functions this jewelry sets can also be used on parties & evening events.

Antique Bridesmaids Jewelry Set:

6 elegant bridesmaids jewellery  (15)

What a classic, antique & chic style jewelry set for bridesmaids! It is made by using silver & gold. For the purpose of decoration pearls & crystals are used. It’s a right choice to Glam up your wedding party!

Jewelry Sets for Bridesmaids:

Discover some more designs of bridesmaids jewelry set by looking towards the following images, these sets can also be used by brides & those girls/ladies who want to attend a wedding function (as guests). Take a look & choose your darling jewelry set. Hopefully, you will like this nonstop array of reasonably priced jewelry!