Citrine Necklaces & Earrings:

Into the world of precious gemstones, citrine is also a very valuable yellowish color stone that is used into the decoration of various jewelry pieces. It is a stone that symbolizes for authority and power plus it is said about it that this gemstone protect against evil things as well as against poisons substances such as snakes, spiders, and scorpions. It is actually a November’s birthstone I mean it is suitable for those girls, boys, kids, men & women who born into the month of November.

The word of gemstone Citrine is derived from French Language. It is based on French word “citron which means lemon” because it color is deep yellowish that why it is known as citrine. It looks quite sunny & pleasant in shade as compared from the other precious gemstones. It can go best with gold & sterling silver metals. Let’s have a look at the Citrine jewelry sets designs!

Tear Drop Citrine Jewelry Set:

1 citrine necklace and earring set collection

Add some piece of citrine jewelry into your jewelry box by using citrine earring, rings, necklaces or a complete citrine jewelry set as shown into the above picture. This set is created by using tear drop shape stones.

Citrine in Rhomb Shape:

2 citrine necklace and earring set collection (3)

No doubt that Citrine stone adds brilliant glow into your personality! This simple set of earring & pendant is created by using Rhomb shape citrine stones. Little diamonds are also used. it is simple yet timeless elegant!

Oval Shape Citrine Earrings & Necklace:

3 citrine necklace and earring set collection (9)

By mixing floral design with oval shape citrine stone this stylish & modish necklace & earrings are created! No doubt that it accentuates stylishness & panache. It can be used for attending high class formal parties or evening functions!

Citrine Stones in Antique Jewelry Set:

4 citrine necklace and earring set collection (7)

Here you can see that citrine stone is used into an ancient design of jewelry set & looking really very impressive & fabulous!

Precious Gemstone Jewelry Sets Designs:

You can use citrine rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, anklets, bangles, bracelet as an excellent gift for your mother, wife, fiancée, sister or friend. Hopefully, you will like the design of jewelry set which are shown above as well as below into the galley!