A boy as well as a girl of this generation now likes to wear bracelets in his/her wrist. These bracelets are made by using various threads, metals, plastic, or glass. For the adornment of these bracelets various items are used such as beads, stones, English alphabets (love, friendship etc), various signs (Christian cross, infinity etc) & symbols (birds’ wings, heart symbol etc).

The designs & styles of bracelets are also goes on to change with the passage of time. But here you can see the photos of ancient bracelets which are adorned with wings of birds. The silver is used in the manufacturing of these wings. Some bracelets along with wings are also decorated with love, infinity sign or Christian cross.

The collection is perfect for both girls & boys because both types of plus unisex bracelets are included in it. Now it’s your turn! You can check out the photos which are shown below & then you can also wear this style of bracelets.

Topic: Bracelets
For: Boys & Girls
Style: Ancient Wing Bracelets
Made with: Silver

Ancient Style Wing & Pearl Silver Bracelet for Girls & Boys

0 chain  Ancient Silver Wing Bracelet

Angel’s Wings Silver Bracelet Adorned with a Skin Color Pearl

1 Ancient Silver Wing Bracelet

Unisex Style Silver Wing Bracelet

2 stylish  Ancient Silver Wing Bracelet

Have a Look at the Pair of Wing Bracelets whose Straps are Adorned with Pearls

3 pearl Ancient Silver Wing Bracelet

Love, Infinity & Wing Bracelet

4 new style Ancient Silver Wing Bracelet

Wing Bracelet for Girls

5 beaded  Ancient Silver Wing Bracelet