Lockets are cool to embellish or to enhance the beauty of neck delicately. Well necklaces for different functions are famous for girls but when they wanna attain the lightweight look, the lockets are best option for them. Lockets are given for different events like lovers give love lockets on Valentine’s Day while the lockets have also the significance for different ages like in Victorian age the lockets were presented on funerals. But today it has great charm for fashion girls when they have to attain the attention toward their prominent collar bone wearing trendy lockets that is also available in a lot of shapes and symbols.
Gold chains have fascination due to the spark and shine and also the charisma that appears on skin of a girl with sun kissed gold chain. For weddings these lockets are given by the groom to bride that she always keeps save or wear as a loving gift presented by her soul mate.
However, the charm of stacked necklaces and big size lockets are very trendy but you cannot deny the appeal and delicacy of lightweight lockets with fragile gold chain. That is why when the fashion girls go with the plunging necklines, gives the allure move to neck with wearing beautiful lockets. Our assortment has maintained a lot of designs and styles of pretty lockets for ladies to spice up the style glamorously and alluringly.

Double layer gem stone gold locket:

1. Double layer locket

Although the locket have double layer chain yet it has delicate hues with slim gold chain and the round green gem stone that you can wear with your sheath long dress or when you wanna carry the button down shirt with jeans to be true fashionista of chic street style fashion.

Divine delicacy in gold ball locket:

2. Beautiful gold chain locket

I just love the small ball gold locket and if I gotta chance to carry this locket then I will like to wear this with the formal dresses with the classy up do of hairs that can make your appearance most admiring and dazzling.

Beach inspired gold locket:

3. Pretty design locket

Beach inspired sea shell locket with gold chain and white stone is best to wear on beach parties in summer or if you are going to be bride maid of beach wedding then opt for this cool design locket with off shoulder dress.

Round shape gold locket:

4. Locket design for girls

Open up the top button of your dress shirt and wear this round shaped gold locket. You may have long gold chain and just make its double layers that will look trendy and stylish. You may wear with the strapless short dress but you must have red lipstick with the dress that will create great effect for your prominent neck.

Arrow gold locket:

5. Lightweight gold chan locket

The arrow design simple but funky locket is for fashion girls that they may carry with their street style dresses. If you match the same funky arrow design bracelet or ring then it would look tremendous. Just be elegant with this locket.


Look for the summer or designer collections in which there is plenty of designs of lockets which has great appeal.