Among the fashion arsenal nose chain is also included. The fashion of wearing nose chain has originated centuries ago in India. In different subcultures it can be seen now as a trendy jewelry piece to wear.  Chain is a link between the nose piercing and ear piercing and the whole piece looks very classy, chic and fashionable. For century’s women has been worn nose chain in South Asia. This trend has come to known in India in 16th century.

It s accustomed in India to wear nose chain for brides and at the wedding night the groom has to remove it that signifies that the virginity of the bride has ended. Today in western countries nose chain is a very common jewelry and mostly girls wear it as fun. Different styles and different kinds of nose chain to nose ear have been introduced and girls took it very enjoyable thing to wear these nose chains even on casual events;

Single chain from nose to ear;


A very delicate chain we may have in this catalogue and apart from funky look that most of the chains may give; this simple yet statement-making chain is looking very elegant. These nose chains to ear will definitely help you to show off your individualism. Pop female singers can opt for this style chain in their concerts.

Multi-layered nose chain to ear;


This style of chain will exude boho-chic vibes. Girls at beach party or on wedding party that take place on beach can wear this multi-layered chain for it look classy and unique. Foreign Christians will love to wear this style of chain for having the sign of Christianity at both ends. Wearing one piece dress and skirt if you wear this piece of jewelry then it will make your look classier and trendy.

Two sided nose chain to ears;


This chain is for Halloween party to have a unique look. Emo girls especially can consider this chain if it goes with their dress. Golden color of the chain will really go with most of the dresses. In the picture a girl is shown wearing this two-sided nose chain to ears and she is looking chic and fashionable with open hairs and dark eye make-up perfect to go out for night party fun.

Traditional nose chain to ear;


Here we have a very traditional looking nose chain to ear and it is commonly seen in India worn by brides. Mostly bridals pair the earrings to the chin for both look suitable and complementary to each other. Rhinestones embedded and cut work beads have made the chain wearable on wedding and this chain will look nice and affordable to wear with traditional multi-colored saree. Even in India a bride remain incomplete without wearing nose chain to ear.

Silver color nose chain to ear;


This chain is for sports girl who want to look full of confidence. Wearing pant and t-shirt this chain will make nice pair with the dress. Silver color of the chain is making it worth to wear on casual events. Mostly teenagers like to wear these kinds of accessories and in this way they look very different and attractive to others.