Fashion of Ear Cuffs:

What about jewelry fashion? In this season the ear cuffs are quite in fashion. Along with boys, girls are also wearing ear cuffs. This jewelry item is designed by taking inspiration from birds, animals, flowers, machines etc. But the collection of ear cuffs which I am going to share with you exclusive deals only with the Leaf design ear cuffs. Ear cuffs play a vital role in order to give a stylish looks. This piece of jewelry can be used for attending formal functions, parties as well as for casual wear. Along with teenage girls, every age of lady can wear this jewelry without any kind of hesitation. It suits to everyone. I hope that you will like the alluring collection of ear cuffs which I showed below. Have a look!

Full Ear Cuff:

1 Gold Leaves Ear cuffs collection 2015

In the above picture you can see a full ear cuff because this covers your ear fully. The leaf design is looking very innovative & striking. You can order your family jeweler to prepare the same design by using gold metal.

Crystal Leaf Ear Cuffs:

2 Gold Leaves Ear cuffs collection 2015 (5)

In this second picture you can see gold ear cuffs but the size of leaves is small as compared from the previous one. Second most important point about this ear cuff is that each leaf is embellished with little size crystals which making this ear jewelry really very fabulous & fancy.

Golden Ear Cuff:

3 Gold Leaves Ear cuffs collection 2015 (8)

This is a pure gold ear cuff. The multi color little crystals are used into its decoration. It can be used for attending formal events. You can become a style setter by wearing these unique ear cuffs.

White Gold one Leaf Ear Cuff:

4 Gold Leaves Ear cuffs collection 2015 (3)

Make a fashion statement by wearing this one leaf ear cuff. It can add a dosage of spark into your personality. It can also used for casual wear.

New Design Ear Cuffs:

Ear cuffs always help in embracing drama & attitude. This piece of jewelry gives you a very chic & stylish look. Into the following gallery you can see rhinestone as well as pearl embellished ear cuffs. Some ears cuffs are bigger in size while some are smaller. You can choose the size according to your ear. Now you can check out the remaining pictures!