Bridal jewelry is incomplete without rings. Rings beautify the bride’s hand Simple but stunning ring adorned with the white pearl and shimmering stones. It is open from the top which is very attractive portion and can easily wears in the hands with out any difficulties.


Touch heart bridal jewelry is simply furnished with the faux pearls specially made for wedding ceremonies. Round bead jewelry made in three layers. Beads are encrusted in the steel wires which are very attractive and mind blowing.


Tremendous design of the jewelry seems wonderful. The over all design of the jewelry is unique and incredible affect the bridal’s personalities. Furnished with the spacers pearl bead which are crusted in the wires gives gleam look to the bridal.


Glorious necklace with pure fresh water pearl looks excellently gorgeous and dazzling. The addition of the glittering stones makes it graceful for the party wearer. Pearl bead is covered with the twinkling stones in the ear tops. It is best for the girls who can not wear the heavy jewelry in the festive or formal occasion.