Silver Heart Locket Pendent Designs:

Locket or pendants are mostly used not only as casual wear but also as formal wear by men, women, kids & young girls/boys. They also use this accessory as gift for their friends, fiancée, fiancé, wife, husband, mother & father, sister or brother etc. It is an item that can be choose as gift on any occasion & for everyone.

You can find lockets or pendants into different designs such as flower inspired design, leaf pattern, statue design, Christian cross, foot ball & lots of other but among all these the heart design pendent always look very cute & impressive. It actually helps you to convey your feeling of love for the other person when you are using it gift accessory while I you use it as personal wear then it reflects affectionate, friendly & kind side of your personality.

Lockets can be made with gold, silver or sterling silver or any other type of metal but today, on this page, you are going to view the heart design pendants that are made with sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry has unique design. Have a look!

Bow Design Photo Frame Silver Locket:

1 Sterling silver heart locket pendant ideas (2)

Take a look at this bow design hear pendent that has the space inside to paste two little size photos. So, you can call it photo frame pendent. It is made with sterling silver.

Flower Design Heart Locket:

2 Sterling silver heart locket pendant ideas (3)

If you belong from femininity gender then this flower design is just right for you because it give a girlish feeling when worn around the neckline.

Heart Locket with Quote:

3 Sterling silver heart locket pendant ideas (4)

Yes, it’s true that “Loved ones may leave you but memories remain in our hearts”. You can choose this quoted necklace for expressing your mood & frame of mind! This quote exactly go best with heart design!

Zip Heart Pendent Design:

4 Sterling silver heart locket pendant ideas (5)

This sterling silver heart locket is designed by taking inspiration from zipper dresses. The zip design is dividing this heart into two parts yet it is looking impressive.

Heart Design Lockets in Sterling Silver:

For discovering more designs you need to travel around the following gallery. So, have a keen observation & choose your favorite design pendent now!