About customized jewelry

Customized jewelry are mostly unique and simple and designed by order or selected with exclusive name, letter word, style or monogrammed. Customized jewelry buys for particular person like mom, friend, sister, couples, lover or any group of friends, brands. Much different between customized jewelry and fine jewelry is of prices because customized jewelry designed with especial way.  Mostly custom jewelry made with plated metal by craftsman. Today, in this article in introduced you latest and unique customized jewelry.

Foot shape custom pendant

1 customized jewelry

In this picture, you are seeing a custom pendant that made with silver sterling metal.  Chain style this necklace has a pair of feet. Date and name nominated on these feet. This pendant you can give any person for keep in mind a memorial day.

Monogrammed silver customize jewelry

2 customized jewelry sesigns

This neck jewelry made with silver sterling metal with monogrammed of stylish signature in which “K” word is prominent. This monogrammed whole decked with silver rhinestones. The trend of monogrammed sign jewelry is never go out from fashion. You can monogram jewelry for everyday.

Circle shapes pendants

3 silver customized locket

In this picture, you are seeing three circles shapes pendants that are made with silver and gold plated metal. One pendant is for mom and decked with mom, love and heart bright stones. Second for lover that adorned with love, I love you and heart shapes. Third pendant which decked with rhinestones is for friend.

Chain style locket with stone & letter

4 nice silver customized necklace

This casually wear necklace made with silver sterling thin chain metal. This customize neck jewelry decorated with own star stone and first capital word of name. Such types of jewelry modish girls like to wear informally.

Here you can see some other customized jewelry like earrings, bangles, necklaces, rings and ear tops. Mostly this customized jewelry made with silver and gold metal. This jewelry is bars for giving gift their beloved.