The 16 adornments are bride are famous on her wedding day. In these adornments the tika is one of the important parts. The mang tika is wear on the bride to give her hair style and face a new look. These tikas are made with the help of chain and the pendant on the front of forehead, the brides friends and sisters are also wear it on wedding day to glance graceful. It is a traditional jewelry accessory from India; mostly the girls wear it casually and seem to be traditional style. These tikas are wearable on lehenga, sari and customary shalwar qameez. These mang tikas are presented in continuous design, different material and patterns to go with on every occasion. We have the mang tikas are made with metal, silver, platinum and gold plated. The gold is an expensive and useful material on the wedding day. The multi color kundans are use to embellish it. its also match with your wedding dress. Polki, flora, bor and kundan mang tika are the well-known category of tikas in bridal carry.

Topic: mang tika
Material: gold, metal, kundan and stones
Design: chain with pendant
Perfect for: wedding and party wear.

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