Piercing of ears and nose is the most important tradition of Asian countries coming from centuries. Wearing jewelry in ears and nose is considered the part of sixteen adornments of women because the look of a lady remains incomplete without wearing jewelry.

Nose piercing has become the hottest fashion trend of these days and now even fashionable and modish girls also like to wear a nose pin or nose ring to look beautiful and trendy.

We are interested to share with you some beautiful styles of nose jewelry, all designs are beautiful and perfect for ladies of all ages from young unmarried girls to married housewives.

If you are looking for nose jewelry, stay with us because this post will take you through some different and beautiful nose pin and nose ring designs, here are several options that you can choose from.

Nose pin makes a woman look beautiful and appealing and mostly Women like to wear single stud nose pin for daily wear. if you are fascinated with the charm of nose pins, start with the simple single stud nose pin.

Simple nose pin having just a single stud looks really beautiful and versatile and suits almost on all face shapes and it can be the first nose pin for any girl who decided to wear it. This lightweight single stud nose pin is the best option for school and college going girls because it gives chic and simple look.

Floral nose pins were designed in Mughal era but the fashion trend has come back again and these days’ women also like to wear floral and oversize nose pins.

See the picture and you will find different floral designs of oversize noose pins so you can grab one according to your nose, face shape and choice as well. All of floral nose pins are looking really beautiful and stylish, perfect for big noses.

The floral nose pin will enhance the beauty of your beautiful sharp nose and will look good with both traditional and modern attires for parties and functions. Not only nose pin but nose ring also gives glamorous and elegant look to ladies of all ages and especially it suits on young girls for functions.

Brides also wear different styles nose rings on their wedding day to look attractive and charming. Apart from the traditional simple and floral nose pin designs you will find funky design as well.

Funky design nose pins are inn fashion trend these days, this musical instrument style funky nose pin is looking very attractive and attention grabbing, perfect for fashionable girls.