How to make Handmade Beads Bracelets?

Are you wanted to create some jewelry pieces at home by using some useless beads, pearls, stones & other items? Learn with us. Today I am going to tell you only about the homemade beads bracelets.  As the name shows that these bracelets can be made by using beads. So hurry up! Go into your bedroom, or store room & then collection all colors, styles, design & sizes of beads or pearls. Making bracelets can be a great source of fun for you. So, let’s have some fun!

Four Step Handmade Pearl Bracelet Idea:

1 handmade bracelets with beads

Look at the above picture in which you can see a bracelet which is made by using cream color beads. You need almost 20 to 25 beads (depends on your size of wrist) & a piece of thread (thin thread). Again the length of string is depends on your wrist size). You can use needle from adding these pearls into this thread. In the end tie some knots by using both ends of bracelet so that you can secure your bracelet. If the holes of pearls are large then you never need needle. In the last you can use a pink color ribbon for binding a bow. Now the bracelet is ready to wear casually or formally.

Skull Beads Bracelet Idea:

2 multi colour  handmade bracelets with beads

If you have skull design beads at your home then don’t waste these beads because by using this item you can prepare a “skull beads bracelet”. Are you ready dear friends for making a skull bracelet? You need a black color piece of string & different colors of skull beads (red, white, purple, yellow & green). Look towards the above picture carefully & get the idea. It’s really very simple!

Small & Large Beads Bracelet:

3 red and green  handmade bracelets with beads

If you need some “Versatile style of jewelry” then you should go with handmade unique jewelry items such as this red & green beads bracelet which you are viewing into the above picture. Red beads are smaller in size as compared to green beads. Green beads are in diamond shape while red beads are in square shape. This is a unisex design of bracelet which is perfect for both boys & girls.

Multicolored Beads Bracelet:

4 simple  handmade bracelets

This is a multicolored bracelet which is manufactured by using red, skin, brown, grey, ferozi, parrot & white color crystal beads. This design is also one of the simplest designs. Just collection crystal beads & then made it with your own hands. It is also one of the simplest designs of homemade bracelets. I hope you like it very much.

Easy Handmade Bracelets Ideas:

It is really very simple. So, now it’s up to you to make beads bracelet with your own hands & then wear into your wrist. You can also give this handmade bracelet as gift to your dear ones or friends. A handmade gift always shows your affection & love for the other person. Making a bracelet is quite similar like the making process of a necklace, but the difference is that necklace is large while bracelet is small. A wide variety of wires, string, beads, pearls etc can be used for making bracelets.