Accessories are the fashion arsenal of girls and women and perfect accessories can change a simple looking dress into chic and stylish one. The choice of the selection of tools can be different from girl to girl as some girls like to wear heavy jewelry but some girls like to go with light jewelry. But everyone should try everything to bring change and versatility in their look. Here we will discuss how women look with oversized earrings and what kind of different earrings they can have.

Large sized earrings look very prominent on face and they look chic and fashionable. Some dresses really demand to be highlighted by ornaments. You can look for large sized earrings but remember that it is better to be understated rather than being looking over exposed and extra loaded. When you are wearing large size earring then you do not need to wear heavy necklace but the earrings would be enough to adorn you.

Large rounded earrings;


Large oversized earrings look adorable on square, oval and diamond face structure. These can be found in different colors according to your dress. Here in golden color these are looking fabulous with black color dress. On winter night functions these can be opted with different dresses. Golden earrings with black dress look very classy and with black maxi these earrings will look very suitable.

Big square shaped earrings;


Earrings with different geometrical shape can be founded. Besides rounded earrings these square shape earrings are a nice option for girls. Women who think that rounded earrings will not suit them they can choose these square shape earrings. High bun hairstyle looks very nice and highlights the accessories you are wearing. These earrings are wearable with party dresses.

Long leaf shaped earrings;


Long leaf shaped earrings are looking exquisitely beautiful and they can look prominent high bun. Although the size of the earrings do not require any strategy but you need to be careful in the selection or your hairstyle. Hairstyle and earrings both give complement to each other and on large level earrings should give complement to the overall demeanor. Leaf shaped earrings in golden color are exuding rich tone to its surrounding.

Butterfly shape earrings;


Jolly girls who like to exude playful atmosphere to the surrounding can opt for these earrings. These are large in size and butterfly imagery will give an awesome effect of your personality. These can also be opted for street look. As the metallic earrings can also go with casual dress and girls can have street look wearing these earrings. Birds’ imagery in earrings would be a great fun but these are not only interesting but give gorgeous look too.

Traditional earrings with pearls and stones;


For party functions or wedding ceremonies these traditional earrings are worth to wear. Pearls and stone embroiled earrings are looking fantastic and have adorned the earrings making them worth to wear on some special event or occasion. High ponytail with these earrings will look very suitable and attention-grabbing. These can be opted with traditional dresses as with Lehenga, frock or skirts. Western girls can select these earrings if they are wearing a dress with embroidery or other kind of work.

Large earrings for working ladies;


If you are a working lady and you desire to adorn yourself with accessories then look at these earrings. These earrings are nice-looking and will give you beauty-with-brain look. In winter you do not wear embroiled dress but go with simple dress as pent, shirt and sweater. You can wear these earrings to exude feminine look and you will feel yourself very stylish, chic and fashionable.