Whenever any Indian girls are asked to be traditional and elegant what dressing they prefer, they rapidly answer the dress Saree which is the national dressing style. In India every lady seems wearing the Sarees casually or formally even there are a big number of brides who dare for saree instead of Lehenga on their wedding day.

Not only in India but Pakistani ladies also style Sarees to different wedding functions. Well saree is styled with crafting the luxe embellishments with different motifs but there is another embellishment for saree that enhance even a simple saree with no designing and that is the kamarband and saree belts.
Well these kamarbands and belts make the saree style flawless, these days the fit skirt like saree is in fashion that is dazzled by gorgeous Indian actresses and on nude belly these belts create extra ordinary charm.
Saree is the draping that have magnificence terrifically defined but the kamarbands made with different motifs like stones, crystals, rhinestones, Kundan, pearl and many other beads allure the beauty of a lady ethereally.

The bollywood actresses are true inspiration to get ideas about dressing so if you don’t know much about saree draping then celebs wearing Sarees are a way to copy their style. Well I have collected different and most new styles of kamarband and saree belts to beautify your saree mostly when you are going to celebrate any event or attend an evening party.

Kundan kamarband for saree and Lehenga:

1. Sarees belt and kamarband designs

Kundan jewelry really looks flawless to any formal wear in fact when you pair the Kundan jewelry with any of dress the elegancy and royalty appears bashfully. This Kundan kamarband with triangle design is fit to carry with both Lehenga and saree.

Golden kamarband matched with embroidery:

2. Sarees belt and kamarband designs

When you opt for fully embellished saree with golden embroidery like you can see in the picture then match the subtle design golden kamarband with a big size brooch design.

Royal elegance with pearl saree belt:

3. Sarees belt and kamarband designs

Pearl kamarband has the magnificence and ultimate subtleness that add the charisma to saree. You can have the same design saree pearl belt matched with the jewelry wears with saree.

Single layer kamarband:

4. Sarees belt and kamarband designs

To give the really sleek and delicate impressions, the single layer Kundan kamarband will delight the beauty style of your saree. You can enchant this to any party for university or college.

Waist belt over designer saree:

5. Sarees belt and kamarband design

The navy blue saree has been designed with white embellished and beaded saree belt that has made the waist more prominent. This designer saree and kamarband style is for round shape girls.

Necklace style kamarband:

6. Sarees belt and kamarband designs

Multi layered necklace style is very trendy among brides and even young girls also wear but the same style kamarband for saree is really a great deal that the brides can opt for beautifully.

Silver saree belt design:

7. Sarees belt and kamarband designs

For bright color Sarees like candy pink, orange, green, shocking, red and purple the silver saree belts looks amazing and this drop style belt is oozing up the pink saree worn by Indian actress.