Crystal Jewelry:

Crystals are found in all over the world. There are lots of types of gemstones or crystals such as emerald, turquoise, diamond, ruby, cubic Zirconia Quartz etc. all these crystals are used into the decoration of clothes, footwear as well as jewelry. Most important usage of these stones or crystals is the ornamentation of jewelry. Women likes’ to wear special & precious gemstone embellished jewelry items. Although these kinds of jewelry pieces are expensive but looks very stunning when worn by a lady.

Ruby Crystal in Jewelry:

Ruby is a precious crystal which usually comes in pink to blood-red shades. Its names “Ruby” comes from a Latin word “Ruber” which mean red. Mostly the dark red color ruby is preferable than any other shade.

Quartz Stone in Jewelry:

Quartz is also a very popular type of gemstone. It is most abundantly found in many regions of this world. It is available in various colors & shades such as colorless quartz, pink color quartz; pale yellow, brown, pale pink, purple etc. t comes in lots of varieties. According to the variety the prices are also different.

Ruby Quartz Jewelry:

Sometimes a combination of colorless quartz & blood-red ruby is used into the ornamentation of jewelry. Then this jewelry is called ruby quartz jewelry. Today, on this [age I am also going to show very stunning jewelry items such as rings, earrings, necklaces, jewelry sets, pendant etc which all are made by using these two precious gemstones.

Ruby Quartz New Designs of Jewelry Collection:

In this assortment all new designs are included. By looking towards these pictures you can give an order to your jeweler for making the same design of jewelry piece.

Precious Gemstone Jewelry for Formal Wear:

Ruby & Quartz both stones are perfect for the formal & evening party wear. You can wear the red & white color jewelry with any color of outfit especially at night function. it will surly adds some femininity into your personality.

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