Gatsby jewelry

Gatsby is the name of a team which depends on husband and wife. They are fifteen years experienced to dealing the Gatsby Jewelry. They travelled of many years for searching rare pieces of stones and pearls. After searching, they decided to open a on-line shop and launched Gatsby Jewelry. Blue and white colors have more significance in Gatsby Jewelry. Gatsby is the name of American novel written who tells story and analysis colors schemes. He says that white color resents purity, innocence and richness and the blue color which Gatsby gives importance is present many characters whose looking around Gatsby in his story such as blue garden, his chauffeur wears blue, blue lawn and blue fantasy things. In this novel, blue color is used for fantasy things. Here, we are going to share with Gatsby jewelry with real materials.

Great Gatsby ring


This luxury ring made with silver sterling metal and garnished leaf style double layer with stones and the peak of royal blue real stone.

Platinum necklace with earrings

2 Gatsby Jewelry Collection for women (1)

This necklace made with precious silvery-white metal which name is Platinum. The style of this luxury necklace is draping with aquamarines, which is precious stone consists on light blush blue color.

Feature style headpiece

3 Gatsby Jewelry Collection for women (15)

This luxury headpiece made by Tiffani & Co popular designers for Great Gatsby. This headpiece made with platinum metal with feature style. Blinging skin gold pearls also used in this luxury headpiece.

Vintage cluster necklace

4 Gatsby Jewelry Collection for women (4)

This overfilled necklace made with silver sterling metal and luster of striking crystals and highlighted with lovely crystal droplet with elegant silver chain.

This collection of Great Gatsby jewelry consists on necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles, headpieces and bib style necklaces. Even you can find all type of jewelry in Great Gatsby jewelry. All jewelry made with luxury metals and real stones. Here, you can see further pictures of Great Gatsby Jewelry. Hope, you will like this luxury collection.