To enhance or boost up the beauty of ladies, jewelry is embellished, well we can’t reference it clearly when first jewelry wore by ladies because the evidence find in the long and back past times. Well the perfect look cannot be measured without wearing any jewelry item but for a Muslim lady the modest jewelry items contain more importance. My collection will subtly entertain your choice in which sacred jewelry like pendants, earrings; rings and bracelet are giving you different ideas to rejoice your taste. Most of the jewelry items are designed by Ottoman artisans on the other hand you cannot forget the Turkish inspired designs which has great charm for ladies as well as men because men also wear Islamic jewelry with “Allah” design or the other Islamic saying and quote.
Islamic jewelry has significance to purify the soul and body by having sacred names most importantly the jewelry with name of “Allah”. Well not only the Muslimahs can wear these designs but men can also enchant with the designs specified for them.

Different designs of jewelry for Muslim ladies:

1+ Islamic jewelry design for womens

Well just look at the image, it is just giving you a perfect deal to have pendent, ring, bracelet and a set. The gold pendent with “ALLAH” and little stones is just more especially for newlywed brides who can wear casually in home or at different occasions while meeting out some relatives. I have compiled some other designs too in which personalized Muslim name ring, Islamic engraving on gem stones, Kalimah on ring and ‘Ayat_ul_Kursi’ pendent are much more to style humbly. You may have some more inspired designed jewelry assorted for Muslim ladies in the gallery.

Carry jewelry on Islamic events:

Well there are many events to style this Islamic jewelry but in Pakistan some specific festivals give you chance to wear this excellently. Eid Milad-un-Nabi, Shab-e-Barat, Eid-ul-Azha, Eid-ul-Fitr and in Youm-e-Aashura you may dazzle these jewels matched with your dress that will show your divine love sacredly.

Great choice for Muslimahs:

Well it’s a great package for Muslimahs to carry the wondrous items not only allocating their religious keenness but also it would be loved by other people by looking you in these latest style Islamic jewelry items.

Significance of Islamic jewelry for Muslims:

Whenever you are going to wear the Islamic jewelry, one must know its religious value because for Muslims the Islamic jewelry with different holy names and writings attain much importance and they keep it with care because of divine love.


Keep these Islamic jewelry items in jewelry boxes so that the shine and glow get not dimmed. Take a khaki paper and wrap your jewelry in it putting into the box for safety, this is the true way of keeping jewelry new like for long time. \