Jewelry Box:

A box that is usually used for keeping various jewelry items such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants etc is called a jewelry box. Jewelry box generally protects your expensive & precious jewelry items.

3D Jewelry Box for Jewelry:

A very unique & inexpensive idea for saving your little jewelry item is the 3d jewelry box. By word 3D we mean 3 dimensional. 3D jewelry box always looks very nice & beautiful.

How make 3D Jewelry Box:

For making a 3D jewelry box you need some colorful papers. No other item is required. This type of jewelry can be created only by those people who are expert in making items with hands. In order word first you need to learn it from an expert then you can try it at home. No glue or scotch tape is required for making these jewelry boxes. You only take some colorful papers & now fold these papers by follow some specific rule of the required patterns (that you want to make as in embroidery people following some specific rule for creating different types of flowers, petals, or patterns). All is done only by your fingers in a very artistic way. Making a 3D Jewelry box is really a fun for you. Sometimes lots of same size single pieces are joined in such a way that it ultimately leads towards the creation of a jewelry box. A repetitive process is usually followed.

Latest Designs of 3D Jewelry Box:

In the following picture gallery you can check out the very newest & wonderful designs or patterns for making a very amazing jewelry box.

Colorful 3D Jewelry Boxes:

Another interesting point of this collection is that various colorful schemes are used for making a jewelry box. For instance
1) White, blue, yellow & red
2) Pink, light turquoise, green & yellow
3) Red & white
4) Orange & Red
5) Multi Colors

1 blue jewellery box by irnelis

2 lighte color jewelry box  2014

3 red and white color jewelry box