Excellent jewelry festooned with the fresh water faux pearl which is scattered the whole necklace gives a gleam look to the model with the stunning effect. Light jewelry mostly used in the parties, formal or informal function because it gives comfort to the wearer as compare to the heavy jewelry.


What a lovely jewelry it is with the shimmering product. Sparkling rhinestones has been used in this necklace which shine like real diamond. White fake pearl is beautifully hanged with the necklace & earrings which make the design excellently wonderful and glorious affect the bridal face.


Lustrous pearl & pave crystal used in this jewelry perfect for the bride or flower girl. Jewelry is the only accessories which add the beauty of the bridal or fashionable girls in the different occasion. Such kind of  jewelry fulfills the demands of the fashion conscious bride or girls.


In this world competition is very tough about fashion and women try to search the unique design to compete with others. They are very conscious about jewelry. Astonishing jewelry ornamented with the clear crystal pearl & stones look wonderful to look at the sight. Secure with the silver stone clasp.