Argyle diamond mine located in the East Kimberley region of the Western Australia. This mine located on the lake Argyle in Australia country and naturally produced the rough gems of diamonds in different country. This mine owner is Rio Tinto group. A group diversified mining company the other two mines of diamonds in Canada and Zimbabwe. Argyle produced the largest number of the diamonds in all over the world about 800 million carats (1600 kg).

The argyle diamonds are of an average low quality. The pink diamonds are the rare and the Argyle produced it natural and this pink diamond is 20 % equivalent to the white diamonds. Argyle is the world’s largest mine of diamond and have the specialty to produced the pink diamonds naturally. Every year a large number of economically earn from pink diamonds and also produced a large number of the fine and rough pink diamonds from Argyle for sale.

These pink diamonds are cut in different shapes like oval, round, heart, princess, radiant, marquise, emerald and in other shapes. Argyle produced the different pink diamonds like purplish pink, purplish red, orange pink, brownish pink and in pure pink diamonds. These diamonds are embellishing in the jewelry like rings, earrings, pendent, necklaces, brooches and also in safety pins.

1 Australian Argyle pink diamond (2)

2 Australian Argyle pink diamond (6)

3 Australian Argyle pink diamond (11)

4 Australian Argyle pink diamond (9)