Barrette are use to catch hair in right way. These barrettes are in so many different colors. These are embellishing with stones, beads, pearls, crystal and etc. these are in so many different style. These barrettes are in long and short size. Blue and sky round curved stones are attached with a sequence work on it. Pearl and stones is match with another beautifully. The heavy embellishments with silver stones are seemed well. Water pearl motifs are on round shape barrette stare marvelous.

The crystals are use in the hair clip is awe-inspiring. The floral work with silver diamond is awesome on barrette. The elegant cuts on metallic and diamond on it appear stunning. The purple stones are décor the barrette with the matching dress. Pink and silver stone in leaf shape seem to be gorgeous. The crystal flower completes the jora pin. The small butterfly pins and round shape pins are perfect for young girls.

Froze heavy stones are the come crossways impressive. Silver stone flower look great on it. The pearl and different shape crystals are joint amazing style. The stone work is awesome on the barrette and the oval shapes half pearl in it seem outstanding. The crystal collection encircling clip is tremendous. The flower making with the silver stone work and diamond in the midpoint come into sight stupendous.

Topic: Rhinestone Hair Barrette
Color: silver and multi color
Design: barrette
 Perfect for: all function and formal wear.


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