Charming earrings with the clear faux pearl and the shimmering stones seems very exceptional and trendy. Such earrings beautify the model. Gracefully attach each  gem with the stupendous elegance. Splendid earrings have circular design looking gorgeous to look at the sight.





Heart touching jewelry is heavily embroidered looks impressive with up to date style. Trendy necklace has round rings shaped design with the matching earrings and rings. Flickering material catches the light of the fabulous rhinestones. Whole rings of the necklace are fastening with the silver chain.





What a lovely and superb beads necklace it is inflated with the out standing fake pearls and glistening stones gives adorable look to the bridal. Beads are strap in the form of queue that joins with the central portion of the necklace. Stylishly hang each jewel with the necklace.



Excellent jewelry with the matching earrings and the embroidery bridal comb gives gleam look to the bridal on her wedding day. Mid part of the necklace is heavily blown up with the little stunning white crystal shine like stars at the midnight. Bridal hair comb easily wear in the hair can make the ordinary hair beautiful in the royal function.