Steampunk Jewelry:

Steampunk basically means a steam based technology instead of modern technology. Basically by steampunk jewelry we means a jewelry which designed by taking inspiration from past times technology of screws, cogs, gears, sprockets etc. this jewelry is purely antique & looks historic.

Now days, the steampunk bracelets, steampunk necklaces, steampunk clothes, steampunk footwears, steampunk earrings, steampunk rings etc are quite in fashion. On this page, you can only explore the steampunk necklaces which are made by using antique steampunk watches.

Necklace usually plays a vital role in order to give you a very stylish look. If a party is going to be held soon, but you have a simple dress, then don’t worry you can add some charm & style into your personality by wearing steampunk necklaces. Have a look at some designs!

Steampunk Bee Necklace:

1 steampunk necklaces watch collection

Get an edgy look with this bee design steampunk necklace. It mechanism is looking very mesmerizing & fascinating.  The steel & brass metal gears & plates are looking very impressive. The metallic chain is attached for forming a complete necklace. Ladies can use it for casual as well as formal wear.

Steampunk Butterfly Watch Necklace:

2 golden steampunk necklaces watch for modern women

Butterfly design watch necklace is also looking a master piece of today’s collection. This is purely golden color necklace with golden chain while the little size gear or cog on the top of watch pendent is giving a very outstanding look to this necklace.

Retro Steampunk Watch Pendant:

3 best steampunk necklaces watch

Flaunt your beautiful neckline with this retro steampunk watch necklace! Use your retro watch as pendant & make a necklace from it. Then use it for casual or party wear.

Antique Steampunk Necklace:

4 steampunk necklaces watch 2014

Add an aesthetic appeal into your personality with this antique steampunk necklace.  The design is really very striking. It looks as the steampunk necklaces will capture the attention of each viewer. Am I right or not? Of course yes! You are also impressed from the charm of these necklaces or pendants.

Steampunk Watch Pendants:

So, check out some more designs from the following gallery. Now you just need to pick up an outfit for party & then accessorize your personality with these antique, personalized & wonderful steampunk necklaces. People will surely forget to turn their heads when see such a nice jewelry around your neckline. So, wherever you go in this season, don’t forget to wear your steampunk necklace!