Girls always want to have new and different look that make them look entirely different and bring a new fresh to their faces. For this purpose new trends are being introduced as Mathapatti was a trend for brides for some time but now girls on weddings and functions are wearing mathapatti. Matha Patti is hype these days and girls like to wear mathapatti that look suitable to their outfits.

In fact on Hijab girls like to wear mathapatti to adorn their Hijab. Different styles and designs are introduced and new designs are on the way. Looking at the excitement and enthusiasm designers are bringing new and different designs for ladies to make them look more beautiful and charming. Let us see what kinds of designs are going on in fashion realm these days;

Pearl embroiled mathapatti;


Mathapatti is often found with a Maang tikka and layers at both of the sides. Here we a very traditional looking mathapatti mixed with contemporary style. Pearl embroiled layer with the addition of Kundan stones are looking very attractive and a Jhoomer style tikka is looking an addition to the beauty of mathapatti. Girls will have glorious look in this mathapatti.

Mathapatti with double layers;


Whatever is worn by Bollywood heroine that becomes the trend very soon.  Here Deepika top actress of bollywood is looking amazing with mathapatti that is having double layers and the layers are embroiled with pearls and tikka at the center is looking outstanding. Not only the traditional dresses but modern and classy dress can also go with this Matha Patti.

Triple layered Matha Patti;


Matha Patti can give you queen like look because there was a time when only princess and queen would adorn their heads with crowns. Now girls can look like princess wearing this piece of jewelry. Mathapatti is embellished with rhinestones and brooches at the ends are looking awesome and magnificent.

Large size tikka with double layers;


A very latest design is here we have a large size tikka that is fully embellished and two sided pearl embroiled layers are looking excellent. In a party function you can opt this style mathapatti to wear with stylish dresses. With a heavy looking Matha Patti you do not need to wear heavy jewelry like heavy earrings but a necklace that is heavy looking can go with this kind of Matha Patti.

Fabulous Matha Patti for weddings;


This double layer Matha Patti is designed very delicately and pearls embroiled in the layers is making the overall look commendable. In the picture the girl is looking very beautiful with smoky eye makeup and dark color lipstick. On wedding ceremony you can opt this style in winter. Now the girls avoid wearing large size earrings and they like to have a classy hairstyle. With a backcombing you can select this style mathapatti and it will make you look gorgeous and dazzling.

Outclass Matha Patti for girls;


Looking at this Matha Patti girls will love to wear it once in their life as it is exuding regal and royal look. Open tresses can be adorned very gracefully with the addition of this mathapatti. Multilayered mathapatti is embroiled with small and large size pearls and further made beautiful with large size stones.