Feet Jewelry:

Along with bangles, rings, earrings & necklaces another amazing & most commonly used piece of jewelry is the “Payal” (a piece of feet jewelry). This is also known as anklet. It is used by the eastern women & girls as traditional wear. Various jewelers are designing anklets by using artificial metals, gold & silver. Similarly different types, colors, sizes & shapes of gemstones, beads, rhinestones, pearls & crystals are also used into the decoration of these payals.  In short word, a payal is used for adding an element of appeal & charm into the personality of a woman. All ages of women & girls scan use this piece of jewelry for wearing on wedding functions, festivals, parties & lots of other occasions. On this page I would like to share the top 10 designs of payal with you. I hope that you will like this assortment. Take a look at each design!

Traditional Indian Payal:

1 Payal Designs (9)

In this very first picture you can see a traditional design of anklet. This anklet is manufactured by using silver color metal. A silver strap with triple layer of chain & four tear drop shape brooches (each is at an equal distance) is looking very fabulous. Multicolored crystals are used into the decoration of these brooches. A red color diamond shape bead is hanging at the end of each brooch. This design is perfect for bridals, girls & as well as for festival wear.

Simple Anklet:

2 Payal Designs (8)

If you need an anklet for casual wear then this simple design is just right for you. A simple silver strap is adorned with Ghunghroo. When you wear this simple payal with Ghunghroo then it will produce music at your each step. Most the sound of which comes from Ghunghroo usually depends on the size & composition of all Ghunghroos which are used into a payal.

Kundan Payal:

3 Payal Designs (2)

This payal is adorned by taking inspiration from the kundan style jewelry. This style of jewelry is closely related from Indian state Rajasthan. If you have a kundan style jewelry set then you can use this payal with that set. Some ladies like to wear payal only in one foot. So this design is just ideal for such wear.  You can see that purplish & colorless rhinestones are pasted into the golden color frame. The design is looking very nice. There is no usage of Ghunghru into this anklet.

Floral Anklet:

4 Payal Designs (6)

Look at this floral pattern payal. A six petal flower is created with great care. Almost 14 to 16 flowers are jointed together for creating one payal. The teenage girls who like to wear anklet can go with this design because it is really very nice & perfect for little age of girls.

Silver Payal:

5 Payal Designs

If you are searching for top design silver payal then this is a very unique design. I hope that you will like it very much. It is manufactured by using silver. Beads & crystals are used into the decoration of this payal. It is basically a Jhalar inspired payal design. You can use it casual & formal both types of wear.

Golden Payal:

6 Payal Designs (1)

Some ladies like only golden or copper shade payal. So don’t worry in this top 10 payal design collection in include golden color payal also as you can see the very striking & appealing design of golden color anklet into the above picture. Golden color metal is used into the making process while littler size pearls are used into the decoration of this payal. It is simple yet elegant design of gold payal.

Pearl Anklet:

7 Payal Designs (4)

Look at this very decent design of payal. It is manufactured by using a golden color chain & adorned with white color little pearls. So you can call it a pearl payal. The design is really very simple but looking very gorgeous & stunning. The women who need something very unique, impressive & beautiful to wear in their feet can go with this design of anklet. You can use it either for casual wear or for formal wear.

Bridal Payal:

8 Payal Designs (7)

If you need a payal for a bridal then look into the above picture because a perfect bridal anklet design is shown into this photo. It is a golden color payal which is adorned with white, red & green color crystals & beads. It is a triple layered payal design. In the first layer golden color flowers (each flower with a center bead either red or green) are created, in the second layer kundan style flowers are created while in third layer the red & green color beads are hanging into Ghunghroo style. This design is a perfect bridal wear payal design.

Colorful Anklet:

9 Payal Designs (3)

Look at this traditional Indian style of colorful payal. You can see red, pink, green, purple, blue & white color rhinestones are used into the decoration of pure silver payal. Ghunghroo are also hanging. When you walk with this anklet in your feet then a musical voice is produced & makes you to feel happy.

Fancy Payal:

10 Payal Designs (5)

Have a look at this silver & black beaded fancy pair of payal design. If you like this design then you can order to your jeweler to prepare the same design by looking towards this picture. Hope that you will this as well as all 10 designs of anklets which is I described into the above points.