Bride Jewelry Sets:

Bridals look incomplete without jewelry. Jewelry plays a vital role in order to beautify a bridal. Each country has its own traditions about wedding clothes & jewelry. Today, on this page I’m going to tell you about different bridal jewelry set designs. I include almost all types of designs. Hopefully, you will like these!

Bridal jewelry sets can be made with gold, silver, platinum & other kinds of metals. Then these are decorated with crystals, beads, stones, rhinestones, pearls etc. Jewelry is usually selected by keeping the dress color & design into the mind. The face shape also has a great significance into order to choose the design of jewelry set.

For example if you have round face & you also choose round design jewelry set then I think you face will look like a ball. So, it’s better for you to keep your face shape into your mind before choosing a jewelry set & other jewelry accessories. Let’s have a look at stylish & classic bride jewelry sets!

Bridal Set with Rani Har:

1 bride jewellery for wedding

This style of sets is mostly used by those brides who want to achieve a very traditional, vintage & classic bride look as in the past times. Rani Har is actually a long necklace that is usually made by using pearls or other ornaments. You can see that bride is looking very impressive into headpiece, necklaces, bangles, ear & hand jewelry!

Indian Bridal Jewelry Set:

2 bride jewellery for wedding (7)

The brides who belong from India usually prefer their conventional design of jewelry sets for the bog day of their life as shown into the above picture! The set is looking meticulously beautiful!

Pakistani Bride Jewelry:

3 bride jewellery for wedding (18)

When it comes to Pakistani wedding then bride also like to wear heavy jewelry sets as shown into the photo. They like to match the jewelry set with their wedding day lehenga style dress. They accentuate their beauty by using different pieces of jewelry such as bangles, rings, earring, necklaces, mattha tikka, nose jewelry etc.

Western Bride Jewelry Idea:

4 western bridal jewelry set

Western brides usually like simple yet timelessly elegant jewelry set. They like to wear minimal jewelry items such as earring, necklace & hair clips.

Decent Jewelry for Bride:

5 bride jewellery for wedding (2)

In this age of modernism mostly brides are changing the trend by using very decent & lightweight set of jewelry instead of heavy set as shown into the above picture!

Trendy Kundan Jewelry Set for Bridals:

6 bride jewellery for wedding (5)

You can go with kundan style jewelry set on your wedding day! This jewelry actually adds auspicious charm into your personality.

Jewelry for Wedding:

No doubt that jewelry is essential asset for brides & one of the most important sorts of women’s accessories. Mostly, when we talk about the bridal jewelry then the most important pieces of jewelry are necklace, earring, rings, bangles, hand jewelry, headpieces such as mang pati & mattha tika etc for Asian brides while western brides like only simple & decent jewelry such as necklace, earring or hair pieces such as clips or combs etc. into the above pictures as well as into the photos which are shown below, you can find complete bridal jewelry sets. Have a look & choose your dream set!