Hey women’s! As we know Mothers neck and wrist and hand look co empty without necklace bracelet and rings. Because when we look beautiful women our first attention goes on her neck and wrist hand. Jewelry enhances the charm and beauty of women’s.

That’s why mothers are very fanatical about jewelry. So mothers do not worry about, because here we present some pieces of necklace and bracelets and rings that we mentioned.

The necklace items that we present consist of split heart style, stacked style, hand stamped silver sterling, family name styles are included. Rings are also made hand stamped and diamond. Bracelet made with colorful pearls, crystals, and silver beads. These jewelry items made up for copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ball chain, brass, base metal and sterling silver, and adorned with fresh water pearls, birthstone, key stone, and gem stones colorful beads. At the end we can say that all the moms’ collection is so unique and sophisticated and show the mother and children’s relation.

Anthology: Jewelry for moms
Color: silver, copper, antique
Style: stack, split heart, hand stamped etc
Adorned with: fresh water pearls, crystals, gem stones etc
Perfect for: Mothers

Gold Personalized -Jewelry name-necklace Personalized Mother and Daughter Split Heart Necklace mothers-rings