Smooth silky soft pearls in white color presents this bracelet in a calm way, proficiently made in a flower shape and petals made with black metal and gorgeously designed, these are nicely adorned with little quantity of white stones and provides a shining in the light.


This rounded bracelet is entirely made with freshwater pearls in silver, white and grey color. The last one is fully embedded with silver kundan crystal stones. These wristbands are quite easy to wear as like to wear bangles.


This vintage style wristband made with freshwater pearls with a superlative brooch in the middle. These pearls are adorned in similar way with stone studded rings inside. Pearls are joint together with a trendy buckle.  Brooch provides a modern look, because it is structured in classical style.


This bracelet is made over elastic band that is quite easy to wear, entirely made with pearls and a stylish buckle presents this bracelet in courtly way because small stones and pearls are studded in black metal.