Gold Ring Gift for Sister in Wave Design:

If the birthday of your very dear & pretty sister is near then you will surely be planning about a surprise birthday party for her. Along with party planning you will also thinking about “what gift you should buy for her”. Don’t worry, just stay on this page & get very unique ideas. I suggest you that on this upcoming birthday of your sister you should go with a gold ring. Yes, I know it is a little bit expensive gift idea but it shows your passionate love for her.

As we know that you can find lots of designs in gold rings but now days the wave design rings are quite in fashion. These rings look very unique, stylish & chic. As the name shows that these rings are designed by taking inspiration from water wave, air wave or ocean wave. So, this is the season of wavy jewelry so you should also go with this trend. Let’s have a look at some very newest wavy design rings as gift for your sister birthday!

Solitaire Gold Wave Ring for Sister:

1 Gold Wave Ring for girls (5)

Solitaire ring means a ring with one stone or one diamond or one crystal. This solitaire ring in wave design is made with pure god & looking very universal & fine!

Simple Gold Wave Ring Design:

2 Gold Wave Ring for girls (8)

This is a very simple gold ring in wavy design. There is no embellishment with stones & crystal that’s why it is looking very decent & nice!

Crystal Embellished Wave Design Ring made with Gold:

3 Gold Wave Ring for girls (2)

If you belong from elite class then you can use diamonds instead of crystal in this gold wave ring & give a precious gift to your sister on her birthday!

Thin Ocean Wave Gold Ring:

4 Gold Wave Ring for girls (3)

This thin gold ring is designed by taking inspiration from ocean wave that’s why I call it thin ocean wave gold ring!

Ring for Sister 2015 Designs:

I am sure that you won’t regret on your selection of ring if you go with one design from this collection & your sister will also be very happy to see such a nice design! For more ideas go down & check out the gallery!