Right Selection of Earrings with Bangs Hairstyle:

If we cast a look at 2015 hair cut trends then I think the bangs hair cut will be at the top of the ranking list. But the interesting point is that in 2016 still this hair cut is famous among the women & girls. Whether it’s a side swept bang, parted bang or choppy or asymmetrical, blunt or round or brow skimming, it has make a very deep place into the hearts of fashion conscious girls. But now the important question is that how you can style your bangs hairstyle by wearing appropriate earrings? I know earring get a special place into the jewelry box of women & girls. Whether you belong from teenage group of girls or from old age women group, in both cases earrings are one of must have accessories. But before choosing earring you must keep your face shape into the mind & similarly before choosing a haircut you facer shape matters a lot but bangs haircut can go best with almost every face that’s why it’s popular among the women. With bangs you can wear different styles of earrings but don’t forget your face shape. Keep some important points into your mind & then rock by wearing right earrings with bangs hairstyle!

•    The ladies with round shape should avoid hoop or round earring because these earrings can make their face to look more round. They can wear chandelier earrings as well as long earrings.
•     The square face shape women should avoid wearing geometric shape earrings because in this way their face will look more like geometry. They should go with tear drop style, chandelier style & hanging earring styles.
•    The rectangular face shape girls should wear shorter earring not longer.  If they wear longer earring then their will look more long.
•    Heart face shape ladies should avoid those earrings which are wider from top & narrow from bottom but they should go with those earrings which are thin from top but wider from bottom so that these earrings can accentuate heir face shape in a best way.
•    Oval face is best an ideal face shape, they can carry any style of earring.
•    Diamond face shape ladies should avoid diamond shape earrings & can wear any other style.

Here, into the following pictures you can see girls wear different styles of earrings with bangs hairstyles. I choose only those earring styles that can go best with bangs. Now you have to choose one or more earrings styles that you can wear with your bangs & face shape.

Straight Long Earrings with Bangs:

1 wearing ideas of earrings  with bangs

The round face shape ladies with bangs can try these earrings while the ladies with rectangle shape face should avoid these long earrings & they can choose other styles which are given below.

Triangular Shape Earrings:

2 wearing ideas of earrings  with bangs

Triangular shape earring also suits best with bangs. These earrings can add a funky touch &can suits best on round face shape as well as on oval & rectangular while heart face shape & square face shape avoid this style.

Hoop Earring with Bangs:

3 wearing ideas of earrings  with bangs
For getting a cute & pretty look, I think with bangs the hoop earrings looks best. Round face shape ladies should avoid this style while hoops can go best with diamond face shape, square face, oval & rectangular. High ponytail, bangs on forehead & hoop earring are best to rock into the street.

Chandelier Earrings:

4 wearing ideas of earrings  with bangs

If you are getting ready for a party then with bangs hairstyle then I suggest you to wear chandelier earrings. No matter which face shape you have because I think chandler earring can go best with almost every face shape.

Short Length Earrings:

5 wearing ideas of earrings  with bangs

Short length flower design or paisley design or stone or beaded earrings are also best option with bangs hairstyle. Short earring looks nice when you make a bun with bangs.

Snake Earrings & One Ear Chandelier Earring Fashion with Bangs:

6 wearing ideas of earrings  with bangs
Try some bold styles of earring on high end parties with bangs. You can also wear one over size earring only in one ear as shown into the picture.