Traditional bridal Yemeni ornaments

Every culture and nation has own customs, civilization and trends those are symbolic of their evolution and ethnicity. Today, I am going to discuss about Yemeni bridal traditional ornaments. Yemen is an Arab kingdom that is second largest state in the Peninsula there ladies wear tribal antique ornaments. Yemeni jewelers engraved handicraft on ornaments that considered it inimitable and elite jewelry.

Their ladies wear heavy material jewelry that made with iron and nourished with jingle beads, metal spangles, studs and stones. Here, I collected some images of Yemeni bridal jewelry in which bangles, cuffs, necklaces, earrings and rings are included. Let briefly explain in this article about tribal ethnic Yemeni bridal jewelry.

Bridal antique locket with beads

1 antique ywmeni necklace

Intensely, look at this Yemeni locket that designed in doubly coral and turquoise beads layers with draping golden metal brooch. Hanging chains with loop spangles edges looks tremendous graceful. This classic necklace Yemeni lady wears casually.

Yemeni traditional bangles

2 YemenBridalBracelets

Yemeni ladies like to wear heavy metal jewelry that made with exclusive metal. These identical metal cuff bangles are made with black metal in which little studs are protuberated. Jingle beads are also attached with this ancient Yemeni ornaments.

Engraved coins dangle earrings

3 Engraved coins dangle earrings

Yemeni jewelry is design after great effort. In this above image you are seeing a stunning pair of Yemeni earrings those have engraved coins ear studs with sophisticated dangle earrings. Marvelous engraved work that is beautify with bright colors looks enormous elegant. Dangling jingle beads are also polished with glossy paint.

Ruby Yemeni necklace for girls

4 stylish necklace

This is one of the most fascinated and endearing Yemeni necklace that made with antique material in square form. Identical material charms are dangling with this appeal necklace and a luxury ruby stone is also fastened at the mid part that enhances the attraction of this engraved necklace.

Here, you observed about Yemeni traditional bridal jewelry that is awesome and superb but heavy ornaments. There mostly ladies wear ornaments casually. If you want to search further Yemeni jewelry then you should visit our gallery of images. Hope, you will like this grand traditional jewelry collection.