The kid’s room should be short and beautiful too. Study table is a necessary thing in the room. There are four kinds of table are suitable for kid. There names are L-shaped table, integrated sliding table, linear computer cum study table and study table with raised plat form. There is a plastic study table with book rack.  A red and white stool use with it. On the side of the table color pencils rack also attached. In red table we find small boxes for keep notes and a wide table is use for computer and studies both. In next image you can find a cute table set for babies. Alphabets and cartoon are print on it. Its encourage kids To hanging art.

School bus shape table look different style. There is a cut on the front it its make a chair. A very sweet color table with cupboards and stuffed chair look comfortable. Two cup boards and side draw use for save books. If you want to share your table with other class fellows so you can choose the simple round table with extra chairs. An elegant style of table is in sharp pink. It’s a computer cum study table.

Sweet pink and white table is beautifully made with a lot of shelves. Green and wood color table is an L-shape table. It provides a lot of space for other activities. Its one side is for computer and other spear for books and home work.  A chopper style table looks nice and dark colors make it attractive. A very nice table made by wood board. It’s a simple and classy look table.

Gorgeous Style study table for kids (4)

Gorgeous Style study table for kids

Gorgeous Style study table for kids (1)

Gorgeous Style study table for kids (3)