If we cast a look or observe on the western marriages, we can note just one thing that in every wedding a cute girls present with bridal that pull up the bridal dress when she came down from stars or walk. A cute and little baby also wear sash like bridals sash but there is some difference between their sashes. Bridal sash consist of high embellishment and also have sky-high prices while this wedding kid girl has cheap or simple but decent sash.

Today, we introduce you from such sashes, let’s have a look…

These girl sashes are too plain or simple but made of silk satin stuff. Bows and flower style sashes are including in this anthology. As far as the color is concerned, that is also much charming and attractive like aqua, amber, ivory, black, brown, skin, green and purple. Owing to their styles, these sashes make wedding babies so elegant and staggering on marry ceremony. With the bridal, she will also collect a lot of praise’s words from everyone really…


Album: sashes

Stuff: Silk and satin

Color: Bright and eye grabbing

Embellishment: Bows, flowers

Best for: wedding girl

flower girl petal dress with sash

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