Kids School Uniform Designs:

Uniform is basically a type of clothing which is worn by the members of an institution or an organization at a specified period of time such as security guards, police, army, Doctors, etc. When we are talking about the school uniform then it means those clothes which are worn by the kids, girls & boys who attend a school. They wear uniform only during school timings. Every school has a unique design of uniform. This uniform actually represents this specific school. Mostly, the white, blue, red, green, grey, & black color uniforms are preferable. On this page I am going to discuss some new designs of uniform for kids. I hope that you will like this assortment.

White & Blue School Uniform:

1 girl and boy in school uniform

In this very first picture you can see a girl & a boy in white & blue color uniforms. The girl appears in grey color lining shirt with pointelle style color & half sleeves while the flared style skirt is made by using blue color pain stuff. The usage of white color patties is looking very nice. Similarly, the little boy appears in white & grey lining half sleeved collared shirt which is paired with blue color short pant.

Little Girl in Cute Uniform:

2 children's in school blu and white uniforms

In this picture, you can see a little girl into very cute design of uniform. The combination of navy blue & white color is looking very elegant. The white & blue layer design skirt with blue color long sleeve top is looking very impressive. The white color tie which is attached with shoulder parts is looking very nice.

Red & White Checkered Uniform Design:

3 kids in school red and white uniforms

Look at this uniform, the short pant of boy & skirt of girl is manufactured by using red color checkered print stuff while half sleeved shirt are white but adorned with red color checkered print stuff. This uniform is looking very beautiful.

5 to 10 Years Girls & Boys Uniform:

4  girl and boy in school uniform

Look into the above picture in which you can see boys in grey color full pants & white shirt while girls appears in grey color checkered print skirts but the shirts are white. Grey color ties are also used.

Little Boys in Waist, Tie & Pant Uniform:

5 kids in school grey and white uniforms

Look towards this loveliest uniform which is worn by the school going child. He wears a grey color short pant & matching waist with white half sleeved collared shirt. Lining print grey & white tie is looking just right with it.

Colorful Uniform Ideas:


If you are bored from typical colors of uniform then this is the right time to try a colorful uniform as you can see a purple , grey & white color uniform which is worn by very cute little girl.

Private School Uniform Ideas:

A uniform is basically a complete package in which dress, shoes, ties, sweaters (for winter season), pants, skirts & shirts are included. Mostly each private school want to designs a very interesting & decent school uniform which can distinguish the child of this school from the other private schools which are located into this community. Check out the following picture gallery for getting more ideas on uniform for your school kids (both boys & girls).