Lovable equilibrium attic rooms for kid are highly adorned with the standard material. Cart style double Decker bed, creative paint technique, bed sheet, cushions in different sizes and print texture on both portion are perfect to make this room active and sufficient. More then floor cushions are in cubical style which are giving mathematician mind creation. Artistic room decoration for kids. Elevation wall is painted in yellow color; according to the pain all essential accessories are defining the traditional art.

Hard board bed with mattress appealing with white & black color texture multihued style pillows having on the each bed. Center creek drawer table larger-than-life with painting, flower pots, vases, and basket etc. beautiful organized two kids room. Lovely color scheme for big kids in generous color navy, pink, whit. Tufted head bed in three color floral prints with the quilts in white color. Upper Head side of the beds are displaying mirror. Canopy glass window in for the shelter in pink color.

Bed’s side’s walls are decorated with painting and canvas. Drawers table in extra large size on the side adorned with lamp light, books, jewelry box and photo frame. Gorgeous small kids room in simple style with less space. Great and perfect selection for sharing. Eclectic cuteness boy and girl sharing room. All assortments are complete the needs of girl and boy.  Pink for girl while navy for the boy kid. Elevate wall is decorated with signal painting. Awesome guest room for kids in palsy styles bed with different colors and corner table and baby cart is also requirement of the guest sharing room.

kids shared room decor (8)

kids shared room decor

kids shared room decor (1)

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