We have four popular categories for beds. These are twin, full, toddler and storage bed. If you select the bed for baby girl you choose light colors like pink, sky and white.  A very cute little bed is in pink color. Dolls are print on the head board and it’s made of plastic. It’s a Disney fairis toddler’s bed style.  Mostly girls like this bed because Cinderella, Snow-white and Barbie doll print.
A wooden double bed is with storage system. Green cube are made for step to up and down. A tent bed is a different bed from each bed. It has so many pillows in it. Boys are like the cars the most. So many beds design in the car style. This bed is look like real car.

The black tiers are print on the side and its metros is pure black. One more bed is like the train engine. It’s an upper portion bed. Lower part is empty for toys and wood steps are attached with it. A bed with a fairy house looks so attractive. It house in skin color and bed is in white. Shade of house is décor beautifully and the side of wall is a big storage system. An orange bed is resembled with bird house.

It’s made of wood and a window gives it real impact. A very antique style of bed in this gallery is burger style bed. Designer design it very beautifully. The colors he uses naturally make it real. He uses light and dark brown in wood. Yellow foam and green and red bed sheet mixed all flavors in it.  A very cute bed is made of steel is in silver grey color.  Blue color of sheet looking good on it.  High bed with play area is look beautiful.

Very Cute kids bed style

Very Cute kids bed style (1)

Very Cute kids bed style (2)

Very Cute kids bed style (5)

Very Cute kids bed style (6)