Infant Toys:

Infant means a very young child or baby. Infant toys mean those toys which are just perfect for little babies. On this page I am going to showcase some picture of toys which are just perfect for your little baby. Whether she is a baby girl or boy it never matters the thing that matters is the importance of these toys for your kid. Toys have lots of benefits for kids. Some toys helps them in sitting, standing or walking, while some helps them in teething process & some are just for enjoyment. Have a look!

Telephone Toy:

1 infant telephone for babies

This is a telephone toy which helps your kid during his/her playing time. It is manufactured by using plastic. The combination of orange, yellow & blue color will leave a very good impression on the mind of your baby. It is perfect toy for at least 6 to 8 months old baby. One year old baby can also use it for playing.

Infant Car Toy:

2 infant toy car

This car toy enables your kid to learn riding. It helps in sitting & then it standing. It can be a great source of fun & enjoyment in the leisure time of your baby.

Walker with Toys:

3 infant toy collection

Walker is most commonly used for those babies who initially start to sit, stand & walk. Now days various manufacturer of this toy are trying to make it more interesting by adding some toys in it as you can see walker with toys into the above picture. These toys motivate the kids in standing, sitting & walking activities.

Play Gym for Babies:

4 infant toy for baby

If your baby is too little I mean only 4 to 5 months old then this baby play gym, helps you a lot in order to provide a source of fun to your baby.

Shapes Learning Toy:

5 latest infant toy

If your baby is entering into the age of learning then you should buy learning toys for her/him as you can see a shape learning box toy into the above picture. This toy helps your baby in order to learn various shapes such as circle, triangular, square etc by fitting the right shape in right box.

Teether Keys:

6 infant toys keys

When your baby is passing from teethe process then you will need teether toy for her/him as you can see teether keys into the above pictures. These keys are soft & chew up but never easily breakable.

Toys for Babies & Toddlers:

I hope you will like the ideas of toys for babies & toddlers. If you want to give a gift to your friend’s baby then these option helps you to select the right toy for a baby. You can explore some more toys which are shown into the following picture gallery. Always try to buy a colorful toy because it looks more impressive than one color toy. Have a look & get more ideas!